Utah has a boot

Very excited to learn about the Beehive Boot, a physical trophy awarded for “instate football supremacy among Division I FBS universities from the state of Utah.” There are only three such teams so it’s nowhere near as exciting as our Mythical California Cup. But it does have a boot. (BYU has wrapped it up this… Continue reading Utah has a boot

Filling in the 1960s

I paused the original records at 1968 because that’s when the Pac-8 era started and I was seeing some weirdness with FCS membership. I thought it would get weirder going older than that. But now I fixed the FCS check so let’s continue going into the past. Letdown spoiler: it’s not weird at all. Here’s… Continue reading Filling in the 1960s

A familiar foe

I’m referring to timezone bugs, of course. Looking at the verbose run for the 2021 schedule I see what I didn’t before about today’s one MCC game: San José State 7 at USC 30 on Sep 04, 2021 Stanford 42 at USC 28 on Sep 12, 2021 Fresno State at UCLA on Sep 19, 2021… Continue reading A familiar foe

USC Stanford

What a great game, made all the sweeter by its extraordinary MCC ramifications. USC will have a hard time winning the cup. But it is possible if they beat UCLA and get some help. Perhaps this early dashing of MCC hopes will be the final straw for Clay Helton’s coaching job. (Update: It was!) Stanford… Continue reading USC Stanford


I did a github. The initial commit separates out the “California” parts into a client of an team-agnostic “virtual conference” API. Next up is fixing the FCS stuff and ties.

2021 schedule

College football season is here. What’s on the calendar for its most prestigious corner, the Mythical California Cup? Fortunately CollegeFootballData API includes scheduled future games, so with slight modification to our results finder to gracefully handle outcomes in the future we can print it out. Here’s the run for 2021: San José State at USC… Continue reading 2021 schedule

What’s on the big board?

Come on, write some code. Big stuff: generalize to virtual conference implement optional FCS check for every team start a github or some repo (is there hg-hub yet?) Small stuff: handle tie games in the data model visually pad the standings properly catch the datestrings and parse into datetime objects earlier and manipulate entirely as… Continue reading What’s on the big board?