What’s on the big board?

Come on, write some code. Big stuff: generalize to virtual conference implement optional FCS check for every team start a github or some repo (is there hg-hub yet?) Small stuff: handle tie games in the data model visually pad the standings properly catch the datestrings and parse into datetime objects earlier and manipulate entirely as… Continue reading What’s on the big board?


Let’s see some results. I refactored everything into functions and squashed some of the noise so let’s see a run. Next up is I need to find a good css module that allows for clickable sorting tables but for now here’s a dump. I left in some of the tie-breaker text cruft so I can… Continue reading Results

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First pass

Just to keep myself honest this is version 0.1. Single year run with hard-coded school list. The dataset is a bit incomplete on stadium info, which is the only way to query the abstract location of a school. (I think.) So for now we’ll populate the CA schools. This is still incomplete, especially for the… Continue reading First pass

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This is silly

But we’re doing it. I updated the rules here. So far as I can see the tiebreaks only progress to “margin of victory against common opponents”.