A familiar foe

I’m referring to timezone bugs, of course. Looking at the verbose run for the 2021 schedule I see what I didn’t before about today’s one MCC game:

San José State 7 at USC 30 on Sep 04, 2021
Stanford 42 at USC 28 on Sep 12, 2021
Fresno State at UCLA on Sep 19, 2021
UCLA at Stanford on Sep 25, 2021
San Diego State at San José State on Oct 16, 2021
Fresno State at San Diego State on Oct 31, 2021
USC at California on Nov 13, 2021
California at Stanford on Nov 20, 2021
UCLA at USC on Nov 20, 2021
Fresno State at San José State on Nov 25, 2021
California at UCLA on Nov 27, 2021

These dates are wrong. No doubt because they start so late it’s past midnight in Greenwich and I didn’t properly localize the datetime object to a west coast timezone. Fix to come.

Today’s UCLA/Fresno State game is a great Mythical California Cup game. If Fresno wins they are in great shape for an undefeated MCC season. UCLA is an 11 point favorite, which is right in line with the Sagarin power rankings. But Fresno might be pretty good… they have won two blowouts against bad teams and played Oregon tough until the 4th quarter in Autzen. I’m surprised the power rankings don’t put them a little higher.