David Stern part 8: The Sonics

Consider l’affaire Sonics: The 2008 “move” (theft) of the Supersonics franchise from the city of Seattle to Oklahoma City. (The basic story is covered in this wikipedia article as well as a recent deep dive in Luminary’s podcast Sonic Boom. I’m going to assume you’re roughly familiar with the outline: Starbucks billionaire CEO Howard Schultz… Continue reading David Stern part 8: The Sonics

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September 9 Preview

We only get 5 or 6 of these days so let’s run the numbers and make some dumb AI pictures! San José State 28 at USC 56 on Aug 26, 2023 UCLA at San Diego State on Sep 09, 2023 Stanford at USC on Sep 09, 2023 UCLA at Stanford on Oct 20, 2023 USC… Continue reading September 9 Preview

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