1951 San Francisco

We’re back with more results from the 1950s. 1951 really stands out. The University of San Francisco won the title going 5-0. Here is the verbose run: $ python3 ./mcc_schedule.py -v -s 1951 -e 1951 San José State 2 at San Francisco 39 on Sep 20, 1951 Santa Clara 0 at California 34 on Sep… Continue reading 1951 San Francisco


It’s the end of the season; what now? Let’s do a check of the big board and get an H1 roadmap down. (I just googled “kanban for wordpress.”) Bugs multiway tiebreakers: This bug dominates all others right now. The tiebreakers code is painfully rigid in its two-teams-only approach. Logically we don’t have a clear ruleset… Continue reading roadmap

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