UCLA loss and Pac-12 chaos

As noted here, Fresno State is tough. They beat UCLA in a wild one on Saturday. You can get your Pac-12 doom and gloom elsewhere. (We like Jon Wilner and Stewart Mandel.) Let the world gnash its teeth. For the Mythical California Cup it was just one more hard fought day of cup play. It’s a good thing these California teams have the cup to play for because they’re running out of other plausible good outcomes for the season.

San José State 7 at USC 30 on Sep 04, 2021
Stanford 42 at USC 28 on Sep 11, 2021
Fresno State 40 at UCLA 37 on Sep 18, 2021
UCLA at Stanford on Sep 25, 2021
San Diego State at San José State on Oct 15, 2021
Fresno State at San Diego State on Oct 30, 2021
USC at California on Nov 12, 2021
California at Stanford on Nov 19, 2021
UCLA at USC on Nov 19, 2021
Fresno State at San José State on Nov 24, 2021
California at UCLA on Nov 26, 2021

Fresno State            1-0
Stanford                1-0
USC                     1-1
UCLA                    0-1
San José State          0-1

I cheated a little and pulled out the minimum victory check in order to generate in-progress standings. (That should be in code… we can check if the season still has games to come.)

San Diego State only scheduled two MCC games. If they come into that Fresno State game on October 30th with a 1-0 record that will be their championship game with an asterisk: Stanford and Cal still control their own destiny to go 3-0. Should SDSU lose one, Fresno State has a much better chance since they already own the head-to-head against UCLA.