2021 schedule

College football season is here. What’s on the calendar for its most prestigious corner, the Mythical California Cup? Fortunately CollegeFootballData API includes scheduled future games, so with slight modification to our results finder to gracefully handle outcomes in the future we can print it out.

    if (verbose):
        fmt = "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%fZ"
        for cur_mcc_game in time_ordered_games:
            game_time = datetime.strptime(cur_mcc_game.start_date, fmt)
            pretty_date = datetime.strftime(game_time, "%b %d, %Y")
            if (game_time > today) :
                print (cur_mcc_game.away_team + " at " +
                       cur_mcc_game.home_team + " on " +
            else :
                print (cur_mcc_game.away_team + " " + str(cur_mcc_game.away_points) + " at " +
                       cur_mcc_game.home_team + " " + str(cur_mcc_game.home_points) + " on " +

Here’s the run for 2021:

San José State at USC on Sep 04, 2021
Cal Poly at Fresno State on Sep 12, 2021
Stanford at USC on Sep 12, 2021
Sacramento State at California on Sep 18, 2021
Fresno State at UCLA on Sep 19, 2021
UCLA at Stanford on Sep 25, 2021
San Diego State at San José State on Oct 16, 2021
Fresno State at San Diego State on Oct 31, 2021
USC at California on Nov 13, 2021
California at Stanford on Nov 20, 2021
UCLA at USC on Nov 20, 2021
Fresno State at San José State on Nov 25, 2021
California at UCLA on Nov 27, 2021

Doing some extremely crude predictions with the ranks on Ed Feng’s ThePowerRank the back of the envelope suggests that this could come down to the UCLA/USC game with both teams undefeated and USC slightly favored as of now. However if San Jose State pulls off the early upset it will be theirs to lose with a late potentially tough game against Fresno the clincher.

(Note that this includes some FCS games. We still haven’t cleaned up the rules and the exhaustive query for FBS status.)