1958 Cal vs. Pacific

It’s an inescapable fact of California (the state) football that the last time California (the school) went to a Rose Bowl was January 1, 1959. (There was some unpleasantness in 2004.) Since that 1958 season was something of a high water mark for Cal surely they must have won the Mythical California Cup that year… Continue reading 1958 Cal vs. Pacific

FCS shouldn’t count?

Doing a project as pointless as this lets me really examine some of the pitfalls of how software projects get hung up. Let’s take a look at a verbose run for 2007 under the current codebase: UCLA 45 at Stanford 17 on Sep 01, 2007 Sacramento State 3 at Fresno State 24 on Sep 02,… Continue reading FCS shouldn’t count?

Week 1 results

After yesterday’s action we can all take comfort in the MCC, where some California team will definitely win something. Actually, UCLA might be good. But Stanford and Cal both lost brutal games and USC didn’t inspire any confidence. Fresno State has an outside shot to run the table in the cup games based on how… Continue reading Week 1 results

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I added support for games that end in a tie with this commit. With my recency bias I had left that out and marked it “hard” in my head but it doesn’t seem like it takes much. It changes a couple of 1970s results. I had credited San Diego State with one too many titles.… Continue reading Ties

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2021 schedule

College football season is here. What’s on the calendar for its most prestigious corner, the Mythical California Cup? Fortunately CollegeFootballData API includes scheduled future games, so with slight modification to our results finder to gracefully handle outcomes in the future we can print it out. Here’s the run for 2021: San José State at USC… Continue reading 2021 schedule