I added support for games that end in a tie with this commit. With my recency bias I had left that out and marked it “hard” in my head but it doesn’t seem like it takes much. It changes a couple of 1970s results. I had credited San Diego State with one too many titles.… Continue reading Ties

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2021 schedule

College football season is here. What’s on the calendar for its most prestigious corner, the Mythical California Cup? Fortunately CollegeFootballData API includes scheduled future games, so with slight modification to our results finder to gracefully handle outcomes in the future we can print it out. Here’s the run for 2021: San José State at USC… Continue reading 2021 schedule


Let’s see some results. I refactored everything into functions and squashed some of the noise so let’s see a run. Next up is I need to find a good css module that allows for clickable sorting tables but for now here’s a dump. I left in some of the tie-breaker text cruft so I can… Continue reading Results

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