MCC Gameday is going to San Diego

I have probably spent about 17 minutes of my life total actually watching College Gameday and many hours reading commentary and reaction about where they have picked the next site to be. Not surprisingly, I find a semi-arbitrary third-party decision awarding some trivial crown based on week-to-week results and behind-the-scenes intrigue compelling. Before we get… Continue reading MCC Gameday is going to San Diego

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1958 Cal vs. Pacific

It’s an inescapable fact of California (the state) football that the last time California (the school) went to a Rose Bowl was January 1, 1959. (There was some unpleasantness in 2004.) Since that 1958 season was something of a high water mark for Cal surely they must have won the Mythical California Cup that year… Continue reading 1958 Cal vs. Pacific

Utah has a boot

Very excited to learn about the Beehive Boot, a physical trophy awarded for “instate football supremacy among Division I FBS universities from the state of Utah.” There are only three such teams so it’s nowhere near as exciting as our Mythical California Cup. But it does have a boot. (BYU has wrapped it up this… Continue reading Utah has a boot

Filling in the 1960s

I paused the original records at 1968 because that’s when the Pac-8 era started and I was seeing some weirdness with FCS membership. I thought it would get weirder going older than that. But now I fixed the FCS check so let’s continue going into the past. Letdown spoiler: it’s not weird at all. Here’s… Continue reading Filling in the 1960s

anatomy of a timezone fix

Timezone bugs and libraries are always hilarious fun so let’s take a look at what I did and what I should still do before I forget it. The diff in question. The timestamps in the database are in UTC time. So it should be a simple enough matter to parse them as UTC and then… Continue reading anatomy of a timezone fix

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