Utah has a boot

Very excited to learn about the Beehive Boot, a physical trophy awarded for “instate football supremacy among Division I FBS universities from the state of Utah.” There are only three such teams so it’s nowhere near as exciting as our Mythical California Cup. But it does have a boot. (BYU has wrapped it up this… Continue reading Utah has a boot

Filling in the 1960s

I paused the original records at 1968 because that’s when the Pac-8 era started and I was seeing some weirdness with FCS membership. I thought it would get weirder going older than that. But now I fixed the FCS check so let’s continue going into the past. Letdown spoiler: it’s not weird at all. Here’s… Continue reading Filling in the 1960s

anatomy of a timezone fix

Timezone bugs and libraries are always hilarious fun so let’s take a look at what I did and what I should still do before I forget it. The diff in question. The timestamps in the database are in UTC time. So it should be a simple enough matter to parse them as UTC and then… Continue reading anatomy of a timezone fix

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A familiar foe

I’m referring to timezone bugs, of course. Looking at the verbose run for the 2021 schedule I see what I didn’t before about today’s one MCC game: San José State 7 at USC 30 on Sep 04, 2021 Stanford 42 at USC 28 on Sep 12, 2021 Fresno State at UCLA on Sep 19, 2021… Continue reading A familiar foe