David Stern part 4: The DelCo files and the plane ticket scandal

Somewhere at the intersection of Pac-12 sports and David Stern is this particular forgotten 2013 scandal: Ed Rush forced to resign after bounty comments. Ed Rush was the head of basketball officiating for the Pac-12. Before a game he told a group of officials that he was putting a bounty out to reward whomever would… Continue reading David Stern part 4: The DelCo files and the plane ticket scandal

github actions

After getting a very basic docker container up and running it occurred to me, a lazy person, that there is probably some developer Saas out there that can take containers and regression test them against an expected output I provide. Two weeks ago I ran the “full run” code for the first time in two… Continue reading github actions

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Docker and a regression

Let’s make a docker container out of this thing. The key win from docker is it gives you a headache-free way to “just run” something and not worry about the dependencies and install/uninstall and binary incompatibility and all that great stuff. So in our case it’s a bit of overkill. I’ve taken pains to keep… Continue reading Docker and a regression

2022 forecasting

The 2022 schedule is up in the cfbd API so let’s try a run: $ python3 ./mcc_schedule.py -v USC at Stanford on Sep 09, 2022 Fresno State at USC on Sep 16, 2022 San José State at Fresno State on Oct 14, 2022 San Diego State at Fresno State on Oct 28, 2022 Stanford at… Continue reading 2022 forecasting

On the matter of David Stern

David Stern died just over two years ago. If someone wrote the obituary he deserved I did not see it. They have all fallen on a spectrum between “breathless hagiography” and “chin-stroking encomium”. Let us summon the Advocatus Diaboli. Let us dig up the old pope. The truth demands it. Future generations take note. If… Continue reading On the matter of David Stern