Week 1 results

After yesterday’s action we can all take comfort in the MCC, where some California team will definitely win something. Actually, UCLA might be good. But Stanford and Cal both lost brutal games and USC didn’t inspire any confidence. Fresno State has an outside shot to run the table in the cup games based on how strong they played Oregon yesterday.

The code is improved with better error messages so our current 2021 run looks like this:

San José State 7 at USC 30 on Sep 04, 2021
Cal Poly at Fresno State on Sep 12, 2021
Stanford at USC on Sep 12, 2021
Sacramento State at California on Sep 18, 2021
Fresno State at UCLA on Sep 19, 2021
UCLA at Stanford on Sep 25, 2021
San Diego State at San José State on Oct 16, 2021
Fresno State at San Diego State on Oct 31, 2021
USC at California on Nov 13, 2021
California at Stanford on Nov 20, 2021
UCLA at USC on Nov 20, 2021
Fresno State at San José State on Nov 25, 2021
California at UCLA on Nov 27, 2021
disqualifying insufficient wins (1) from USC
disqualifying insufficient wins (0) from San José State
No team has enough wins

For the tasks I posted last week we’re looking pretty good:

  • generalize to virtual conference
  • implement optional FCS check for every team
  • start a github or some repo (is there hg-hub yet?)
  • handle tie games in the data model
  • visually pad the standings properly
  • catch the datestrings and parse into datetime objects earlier and manipulate entirely as datetime
  • prettier printing for game results

The big thing is the FCS check. That will help unlock the full historical run. The world must know, for instance, if Cal won the MCC the year the last time they went to the Rose Bowl.

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